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Ushta-te Foundation's 8th Annual Award

By Noshir Dadrawala

Saturday, 9th February 2008, was a very memorable day for Ushta-te Foundation, which hosted its 8th Annual Award Function. The Programme began with a Monajat sung by the young ZAGAites. Managing Committee Trustee Ms Meher Medora introduced and welcomed the dignitaries. The Chief Guest, Dr. Dinyar Pestonjee, the Guest of Honour Padmavibhushan Smt. Mrinalini Sarabhai, and special Guest Mr. Hosi Mehta, from Chicago. Ms. Minnie Patel briefly re-counted the activities of the Trust, during the year.

Prizes were given away to the children for Prayer competition, and also to those getting high percentage marks in S.S.C. & H.S.C. Examinations. Smt. Mrinalini Sarabhai presented awards in memory of the late Rustomji and Meher Contractor for a Visually Impaired person, a successful puppeteer and to an organization for its committed social service.

Special mention must be made here for the three young Zarthusti achievers , who received the Ushta-te Foundation Awards.These special Awardees were - Ms. Delnaz Jokhi , who got her M.Phil degree with 1st Class 1st in Statistics , Dr. Shazneen Commissariat , who got her Ph.D from Lancaster University for her Thesis on " The Aftermath of Rape in Gujarat - the dialectics of Voice and Silence " and Dr. Roozaan P. Bharucha who is the chief Scientist at TRDO (Technatronics Research & Development Organisation) . His work profile includes Space Vehicle Modules, Defence Vehicle Modules, Radioactive Technology Modules, Artificial Intelligence Systems, Medical Systems, Self-Intellectual Software & Hardware, Radiation Technology for Medical Sciences, Hyper Intelligent Robotic System, Cosmic Radiation Systems and its uses.

In March 2008, Dr. Roozaan P. Bharucha is nominated to receive The International R & D Reward for the Best Scientist of 2007-8. No surprise that Dr. Roozaan Bharucha received a standing ovation. Mr. Jamshed Pardiwalla raised a vote of thanks. Ms. Pearl Sabawala very ably conducted the proceedings of the programme.

Immediately after the awards presentation a dance-drama "And they came to India " , by Ms. Mallika Sarabhai and her NATRANI Group , was staged .The Times of India , in its article the next day , very aptly described it as "Reliving Parsi History on stage ". Ms. Mallika Sarabhai , as the narrator , took the audience through 3500 years of history of the Zarthustis starting from King HOSHANG to the time of their arrival in the court of Jadav Rana . The entire presentation was , very uniquely & effectively conceptualized . The lively detailed commentary, the colorful costumes , and the graceful dancing in tune with the martial & Persian music , made the whole experience an extremely enjoyable and enthralling one .

(Mrinalini Sarabhai giving away the prizes)

(Mrs. Meher Medora addressing the audience)

Children singing devotional songs

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