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Understanding Astrogemology


Jyotish Acharya R.D. PALA, renowned Astrogemologist, explains the connection between mind, body, spirit, aura, and the power of gemstones.

Jyotish Acharya R.D. Pala, renowned Astrogemologist, whose columns in Jame over the past weeks have become increasingly popular, claims that the use of gemstones is able to thwart off life's problems through indicative astrological charts and the subsequent diagnosis and treatment, which is known as Astrogemstone Therapy. This ancient science is the most effective medium for enhancing the positive and diminishing the negative planetary influences, he asserts.

Astrogemstone Therapy has worked wonders in the areas of interpersonal relationships for commitment, understanding, physical satisfaction and romantic pleasure between couples, in R.D. Pala's experience. There have been real-life examples where, after using a particular gem, the people who had problems getting married got married, grave marital problems got solved, childless women were able to conceive, and rags were turned to the proverbial riches.

How Astrogemstone Therapy works is really quite simple. Ultimately, it is the correct gemstone with the right characteristics, worn by the right person, that produces the right effect, believes R.D. Pala. Hence, gemstones should be bought keeping, of course, the 4 C's - Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Colour - in mind, but never before understanding the all-important fifth C - Consultation. And these five C's, together, qualify a gemstone to be a genuine Astrogem.

At R.D. Pala's Astrogemstone Centre all requirements are catered to keeping in mind the highest quality and aesthetic appeal of the gemstones. These astrogems are not only therapeutic, but very glamorous and beautiful, while enriching lives holistically, is R.D. Pala's contention. He has recently launched Astro-Gemstones based on the Cosmic Rays Principle uniting the science of Gemology and the three key application areas of Astrology - Medicine, Psycho-Therapy and Spirituality.

His Centre provides imported genuine precious stones that are certified by the Gemological Institute of India (GII). These gemstones are imported from the best original sources. For instance, Yellow or Blue Sapphires are mainly imported from Sri Lanka, Rubies from Myanmar and Africa, Emeralds from Columbia and Brazil, Corals from Japan and Italy and so on. Except for the organic gemstones, the Astro-gem stones available here are priced between Rs. 500 to Rs. 4,00,000 per carat.

The Astro-Gem Stone Centre is the only one of its kind in the country, a one-stop destination for all astrological needs. The Centre offers various services starting from Astrological Diagnostic Consultation, which is essentially the most crucial factor, to sourcing of the correct gemstones, designing and mounting of gemstones (involving the science of metology), jewellery making, Abhimantram, Pranapratishta and Meditation (Tibetan Healing System) done on each gem stone.

Readers may wonder how R.D. Pala is equipped to fulfill all that he is claiming. Perhaps, some background would not be out of place here. Being a qualified medical practitioner (MBBS), R.D. Pala is a renowned Psychotherapist who has deeply studied the sciences of astrology and gemology. He has been recognised as Jyotish Ratna, Jyotish Acharya and Jyotish Bhushan by the All India Astrological Institution. He was the House Astrologer for Oberoi Hotel and Sea Princess Hotel.

He is a Patron of the International Federation of Astrologers and Indo-Japanese Association. Unlike other astrologers, R. D. Pala has received guidance and knowledge from erudite masters in pristine and pure form. He often goes to meditate in the Himalayan ranges and Tibetan monasteries. R. D. Pala was the youngest and first astrologer to predict news-breaking events and calamities on television. Recently, he was nominated Chairman of the Gems and Jewellery Trade Committee of the Trans Asian Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

So, how does Astrogemstone Therapy really work? "It is very scientific and simple," he explains, "I call it the Cosmic Ray principle. We are all aware of the visible rays of the sun, moon and stars. We also know that beyond this optical spectrum, there are invisible rays radiated by the planets. In fact, all the planets in the cosmos are continuously emitting cosmic rays not visible to our eyes. And these rays together form a storehouse of cosmic energy. At the time of birth, all beings assume an AURA made of these cosmic rays. This aura is neither inside the body nor on the body, but around it. The composition of this aura depends upon the planetary position at the time of birth. This aura is a storehouse of cosmic energy and it is in the form of a force field and has tremendous influence on the person. Naturally, this force field is rich in certain types of forces and deficient in others - depending upon the planetary position at the time of birth. Now, if one could fortify this field with the forces the field is deficient in then, naturally, the influence of this field on the person will be more balanced."

He further adds that the correct gemstones do just that. "This is the marvel of Nature. The ancient masters were successful in revealing this secret. They established a peculiar relationship between nine gemstones and the different planets and found that a particular gemstone has the capacity to absorb cosmic rays radiated by a particular planet. Now, when a person wears a particular gem, it absorbs particular cosmic rays and imparts this energy to his aura. His problems are, hence, solved. It is really that simple. When you prepare the horoscope of a person, you have the exact planetary position at the time of his birth. An expert astrologer can then get an idea about the cosmic deficiencies in a person's aura and recommend a suitable gemstone, or gemstones, to fortify his force field. This is the reason why I always emphasize the importance of a consultation. There are so-called astrologers who prescribe gemstones depending upon a person's zodiac sign. Now, this prescription at best can be a broad summation of his requirements and cannot be the best solution. You need a detailed study of the horoscope to get a detailed prescription."

Clearly, there is a lot to the science of astrology and one article cannot sufficiently sum up its complexities. R.D. Pala is making strides in an area that could interest many.

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